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With all my heart I thoroughly recommend Lynsey Woodman, Occupational Therapist specialising in ME/CFS. When I no longer had the energy to walk or even talk and the medical profession could do nothing for me, I was extremely fortunate to find myself under Lynsey's care. She immediately began by turning the attention away from the body and into the brain. She has an innate ability to quickly assess a patient and decide which of her many therapies will suit them best. She will patiently repeat strategies and carefully explain the workings of the brain should you wish her to do so. She is extremely motivated towards the patient's full recovery and is sympathetic but with a no-nonsense approach. You quickly learn to trust her and appreciate that if you follow her instructions as closely as possible you will make progress. I can never thank her enough. Starting with very tiny steps, Lynsey has given me back the life I love.


-Chronic Fatigue

My previous thoughts towards any sort of healing started and stopped with you take a pill or you put a bandage on it. That is until I got to know Lynsey. Without question Lynsey knows her subject and is expert in communicating and I don’t say that lightly. Not only has Lynsey ultimately helped me with my health but I have learnt so much from her.  Here is a person who has great skill in combining support and understanding with the giving of knowledge which has a combined effect of helping people to understand how to get well. Honestly, I didn’t either understand or believe in the power of the type of therapies Lynsey works in yet now I am converted through my experiences with Lynsey. I also found that Lynsey never rushed anything, always remained flexible to suit the individuals needs and above all offered something of real benefit. Yes Lynsey did ask if I would write a testimonial for her however I take pleasure in offering something back to her which she richly deserves from me but I also feel very strongly that if I can help other people by directing them to this hugely dedicated and professional person then that is a bonus for me. I have written a lot of employment references in my time but this is the only person testimonial I have written not because I haven’t had opportunities to do so but simply because I have never felt compelled. I wish you well with everything you do in the future Lynsey and I thank you for all you have done and do for me and the people I have encountered along the way who you have helped, all of whom think you’re fantastic.


Company CEO, Lincolnshire


Lynsey is a very experienced and well established professional; she certainly knows what she is talking  about. Lynsey is a positive, kind, friendly, approachable and adaptable person. She is a brilliant listener and has a real passion for helping people. Lynsey ensures that she treats clients in way that suits them, and at their own pace. I had anxiety and stress related issues, as well as clinical OCD. Lynsey has helped me in numerous ways through her therapies and helped me get better. She is also a really good listener, she is not judgemental and is very empathetic, and makes you feel at ease. She offers a space that allows you to discuss your issues openly and will make sure she finds a resolution that is tailored to what is best for you. Lynsey devotes her time to help people and truly cares about ensuring they make a full recovery, I would highly recommend  Lynsey. She will do her absolute, very best to ensure that you get better.

University Student, Lincolnshire


I am a teenage boy of 15 years old, I first met Lynsey as a child for help with fatigue following viral illness, through the skills that she has Lynsey worked well with myself and the family to help get me back on track again, Because of this help I maintained a good presence at school and went on to achieve well in all areas. Because of other factors shortly after starting secondary school I became very ill again, with high anxiety, stress, fatigue, and depression.  Just getting up was hard work, I had poor mobility and a lot of pain and felt fatigue even at rest. Lynsey again, worked with me, and this was at a time when all other professionals had stated they could offer no help and discharged me from their services with no additional support, for family alone to carry on their care for me. The best they could offer was very strong medication to manage pain, this only made matters worse. I received no guidance and no advice on how to become well again. As a very young boy just starting secondary school the professionals had given up hope. This was very sad and difficult to accept and led us to ask for Lynsey's help again. At this very bleak and difficult time,  Lynsey again agreed to work with me and has been a consistent presence, offering help, support and guidance where she felt it was needed.  With the skills Lynsey has taught, I am now able to utilise a range of techniques  to better manage stress and anxiety which has consistently improved  my emotional and mental wellbeing. Which in turn has improved how I manage fatigue, and day to day challenges. Lynsey has helped me to utilise these strategies to build resilience to physical pain enabling me to reduce and finally discard the very strong pain killers I was taking. In short, Lynsey has given me a life all other professionals said I would never have again, I am maintaining school, achieving well and exceeding all expectations. I attend a gym and recently joined a very active trampolining club, and now I have a positive outlook on life. None of this would have been possible without the professional guidance support and help Lynsey has given.

Secondary School Student, Lincolnshire


For all of my 50 years I've been scared of spiders, but no longer thanks to Lynsey Woodman and just 2 brief sessions of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (or BWRT)® , the new therapy system that appears to be taking the world by storm. Today I held a big house spider in my hands and was able to appreciate the animal's fine details and we even called him Nigel! I still can't quite believe what I've achieved through this minimal and painless intervention. Heart felt thanks Lynsey and so much excitement for what else this revolutionary new method might do for others.

Assistant Psychologist, Nottinghamshire


I have tried many weight loss programmes over the years. Always on a diet of some kind or another and very often miserable with it. Working with Lynsey has opened my mind and my relationship with food . I am actually reducing my weight without it taking over my entire thoughts each day . For the first time in many years I am feeling positive about my weight reduction and actual believing I will never be on a "diet" again . Lynsey's methods work! Her passion, confidence and overwhelming kindness is phenomenal. I have reduced my weight by 13lbs in 5 weeks without "dieting" and I am so confident that the remaining weight will be gone over the next year.

Nurse, Lincolnshire


Last year I was diagnosed with ME/CFS and was struggling with really bad depression and anxiety. Anyone that has had to deal with any of these illnesses knows how hard it is to try and live your life with these. For the last few months I have been so lucky to have been given help by the amazing Lynsey Woodman. Without her picking me up when I've been down and struggling , constantly guiding me in the right direction and giving me lots of strategies and exercises to improve my lifestyle, I don't know if I would have ever improved. Thankyou so much for being the amazing lady that you are and taking your time to listen and help change my life.

Teaching Assistant, Lincolnshire


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