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What is coaching?   


  • Do you feel you never quite achieve what you want?

  • Despite your best efforts are you still struggling to get to where you want to be?

  • Are you looking to improve your life in general or maybe your health, fitness, sports performance or career prospects?


If so then Coaching may be just what you are looking for! It is a very powerful and effective approach that can help you find the skills and tools you already have to move your life towards your true potential.


What Coaching can offer:


My main aim as a coach is to assist you in regaining focus and clarity on where and who you want to be.
Coaching is an extremely effective method of helping you to develop and improve in any aspect of your life, learn new insights about yourself and find the skills and resources you need to reach your goals.  In Coaching I would commonly work on your attitude, behaviour, and current knowledge, and skills. I can also focus on physical and spiritual development too.  In coaching I am not the expert on you….you are!  So the coaching process is a powerful and motivating way of helping you unlock your own potential. The focus is very much on you.

I am qualified in multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) Coaching -

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